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Doctor pointing at virtual screen with inscription Hormone Balan

Can a diet change cause hormonal balance change?

Do you suffer from migraines, acne, menstrual cramps, and erratic mood swings?

Hormonal disarray is a problem affecting a significant number of women worldwide; some of these women may not even be aware that they have the condition.

Let’s discuss hormonal imbalance and the signs and symptoms that you should look out for. In addition, the following is a list of foods that should be consumed in moderation because they have the potential to interfere with hormone function.

What exactly is Hormonal Balance?

The endocrine glands are responsible for producing hormones, which play an important part in regulating many processes that occur within the body. These processes include the regulation of metabolism, reproduction, mood, growth, and temperature.

Small fluctuations in hormone levels, either too much or too little, can cause a condition known as hormonal imbalance, which can have significant effects on various parts of the body. Because of this, it is essential that hormone levels be produced in the ideal amount.

Hormonal imbalances can affect both men and women, and if they are left untreated, they can become more severe and can disrupt the body’s ability to perform its functions normally.

What are the most common factors that contribute to hormonal balance and imbalance?

The onset of puberty, the onset of menstruation, and pregnancy are common times for hormonal imbalances, particularly in females. On the other hand, some people experience persistent irregularities in their hormone balance.

There are many different factors that contribute to its cause. It’s possible that this is because of increased stress, our genetics, a disease, a medication, our blood sugar levels, or even a particular diet or food that we have a tendency to consume in large quantities.

Four Types of Food that Throw Off Hormonal Balance

Products made from soy and dairy

Tofu and soy milk are two examples of soy products that include a bioactive compound known as phytoestrogen. This compound mimics the actions of estrogen in the body.

When taken in large quantities, soy gives the impression that the body already has an adequate supply of actual sex hormones like estrogen, leading the body to manufacture less of these hormones naturally. Because of this, it has an impact on the ovulation cycle, which in turn can have an effect on a person’s ability to have children.

Although dairy products are an excellent source of calcium, consuming excessive amounts might throw off the hormone balance. Consuming an excessive amount might cause inflammation and irritation in the intestines. It is also believed that dairy products might cause an increase in sebum production and make acne on acne-prone skin worse. Additionally, some of them contain growth hormones, which can have an effect on the liver.

Always keep in mind that you should take any kind of food in proportion. It is important to remember that there is no “bad food,” but rather a “poor diet.”

With consistent physical activity, a nutritious diet, and a healthy way of living. This may contribute significantly to the improvement of your hormonal health and overall body wellness.


Consuming excessive coffee or energy drinks might have negative effects not only on your sleeping pattern but also on the health of your hormones.

Caffeine is responsible for the increased production of cortisol in the body, which is also known as the stress hormone. This causes the body to be in a heightened state of alertness.

Prepared and Processed Foods

There is a correlation between the use of processed and refined meals and a variety of health problems. Products like cookies, ready-to-eat dinners, curated sausages, and pastries are examples of foods that typically include high amounts of salt, sugar, and preservatives.

You put yourself at risk for accidental weight gain as well as a severe hormonal imbalance when you consume foods high in sugar and processed foods since these foods alter hormone function by causing an increase in inflammation and stress on the adrenal glands.

If you want to improve your hormonal health, it is important to avoid these certain meals.

Red Meat

Red meat is an unhealthy choice since it is high in saturated and hydrogenated fats, both of which are regarded kinds of fat that should be avoided.

Because it causes an increase in the synthesis of estrogen in the body, eating an excessive amount of meat can throw off the body’s natural hormonal balance.

Eggs and fatty fish such as salmon and tuna are excellent alternatives since they are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which have the ability to reduce inflammation and are found in abundance in eggs.

The Dynamic Relationship Between Nutrition and Hormones

Even though hormones are a complicated system, having hormones that are out of whack can make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to lose weight, particularly for women. It is important to understand that maintaining a healthy hormone balance is the key to long-term healthy weight control as well as permanent weight loss. The endocrine system, responsible for regulating your body’s hormonal make-up, is extraordinarily sensitive to stress.

There are many different dietary triggers that can cause issues with your hormones, including the following:

  • The use of both stimulants, like the caffeine found in coffee, and depressants, like alcohol, on a regular basis.
  • Consuming a large amount of sodium can affect not only blood pressure but also the heart’s function.
  • A diet that is high in processed sugar can cause metabolic problems due to its ability to impede metabolic processes.
  • Consuming artificial additives such as sugars, ingredients that have been genetically modified, and other such things.
  • Everything that causes excess weight can make your body’s ability to regulate its hormones less effective, negatively affecting your health.

People who are at a healthy weight can still have problems if their eating or lifestyle habits cause them to get less sleep or sleep that is less restful. This can be the case even if their weight is normal.

Through bioidentical hormone replacement treatment, one can help ensure that the body possesses the ideal balance of critical hormones necessary for achieving and maintaining optimal health. In general, this entails replacing and restoring a healthy balance to the sex hormones, specifical testosterone for men and estrogen for women.

Get in touch with Solana Aesthetics if you have any questions about the natural hormone balancing treatments, the nutritional counseling services, or the healthy weight loss options.

Menopause concept vector illustration.

How does hormone replacement therapy work?

Medication that comprises female hormones is known as hormone replacement treatment (HRT). When you reach menopause, your body will stop producing estrogen, so you will need to take a pill to replace it. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the most prevalent treatments for menopausal symptoms, particularly hot flashes and soreness in the vaginal area.

In postmenopausal women, hormone replacement treatment has also been shown to minimize the risk of broken bone and minimize bone loss.

However, there is a possibility of adverse effects when hormone replacement treatment is utilized. The hormone replacement therapy, the amount, the length of time the prescription is used, and your specific health risks all play a role in determining these hazards. To get the best possible outcomes, hormone replacement therapy should be individualized for each patient and reassessed at regular intervals to ensure that its advantages continue to exceed its disadvantages.

What are the primary types of hormone replacement therapy that are available?

When you reach menopause, your body stops producing estrogen, and one of the primary goals of hormone replacement treatment is to restore that balance. There are primarily two kinds of estrogen replacement therapy:

  • Systemic hormone replacement treatment. Systemic estrogen, which can be taken in a pill, cream, or spray, often contains a more significant estrogen dose distributed throughout the body. Systemic estrogen can also be applied to the skin. It is effective in treating any of the typical symptoms associated with menopause.
  • Products for the vaginal area with a low dose. Products for the vaginal area with a low dose. The quantity of estrogen absorbed by the body can be reduced by using low-dose vaginal formulations of estrogen. These treatments can take the shape of a cream, pill, or ring. As a result, low-dose vaginal treatments are often solely employed to treat the vaginal and bladder symptoms associated with menopause.

If your uterus has not been surgically removed, your physician will most likely prescribe estrogen in addition to progesterone or progestin. This is because estrogen on its own, in the absence of the counteracting effects of progesterone, can drive the growth of the wall of the womb, which in turn increases the risk of uterine cancer. You may no longer really have to take progestin after having your uterus removed (a procedure known as a hysterectomy).

What are the potential side effects of hormone replacement therapy?

In the most extensive clinical experiment conducted to this point, hormone replacement therapy, which comprised of an estrogen-progestin tablet called Prempro, was found to raise the risk of several serious illnesses, including the following:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Stroke
  • Clots of blood
  • Cancer of the breast

Studies conducted after this one have revealed that these dangers differ based on:

  • Age. Women who start hormone therapy at the age of 60 years and older or more than ten years after the start of menopause are at a larger risk of developing the illnesses listed above. However, the advantages of hormone therapy tend to outweigh the dangers when the treatment is begun before the age of 60 or even within ten years of the onset of menopause.
  • Treatment involving hormones. Whether estrogen is administered alone or in combination with progestin and the amount and type of estrogen all play a role in determining the potential adverse effects of hormone therapy.
  • Medical background. When assessing whether or not hormone replacement therapy is right for you, it is vital to consider both your personal medical history and your family medical history and your risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, clots, and liver problems, and osteoporosis.

When determining if hormone therapy is a possibility for you, you and your physician should consider all of these potential adverse effects.

Who should consider undergoing hormone therapy?

If you are in good health and meet the following criteria, you may find that the benefits of hormonal treatment exceed the dangers:

  • Experiences hot flashes ranging from moderate to severe. Systemic hormone treatment is still the most effective therapy for the relief of bothersome hot flashes and night sweats associated with menopause.
  • Experiences other sensations related to menopause. The vaginal sensations of menopause, such as tightness, itching, stinging, and discomfort when having intimate relations, can be alleviated with estrogen.
  • Have an early onset of menopause or a lack of estrogen in your system. Your body has been subjected to less estrogen than that of the bodies of women who go through a typical menopause if you had your reproductive organs surgically removed just before age of 45, stopped getting periods before you turned 45 (premature or early menopause), or lost proper functioning of your ovaries before the age of 40 (primary ovarian insufficiency). 

All of these factors contribute to earlier menopause. Estrogen therapy may help reduce the chance of developing various health issues, including osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, stroke, dementia, and mood changes, among others.

What options do you have if you are unable to take hormone therapy?

You might well be able to handle menopausal symptoms with positive lifestyle measures such as staying calm, avoiding caffeinated drinks and liquor, and exercising timed relaxing breathing or other muscle relaxation. 

Keeping cool is one of the most effective ways to manage menopause symptoms. Several prescription drugs do not include hormones that may be able to assist in alleviating hot flashes.

Vaginal moisturizers and lubricants can give relief to various vaginal issues, including dryness and uncomfortable intimate encounters. It would help if you also discussed with your physician the possibility of taking the prescription medicine ospemifene (Osphena), which is intended to alleviate painful episodes associated with intimate encounters.

The Bottom Line

The final truth is that there are pros and cons to hormone replacement treatment.

Discussing your specific symptoms and the potential dangers to your health with your primary care physician will help establish whether or not hormone therapy is an appropriate therapeutic option for you. During the years that you are menopausal, you should make it a point to keep the dialogue flowing.

Recommendations might shift as scientists get additional knowledge on hormone therapy and many other therapies for menopause. If you are still bothered by the symptoms of menopause, you should schedule regular appointments with your physician to discuss the available treatment choices.

Solana Aesthetics and Wellness is more than ready to welcome you if you book an appointment to talk about hormone replacement treatment. 

Prevent premature aging of the skin. Facial treatment that allows women to rejuvenate. Dermatologist applies a facial treatment to a young white woman, who is lying in a clinic specializing in skin rejuvenation.

What Is Solana’s Specialized Facial?

A high-quality facial mask can provide your skin with the perfect glow. Although you may follow a strict skincare regimen, the odd persistent breakouts or acne will continue to plague your skin. These skin problems are usually brought on by harsh winter circumstances, dry weather, or temperature variations.

A facial can be highly beneficial during these kinds of conditions. It is possible to rejuvenate dull skin, help remove skin problems, remove blackheads, or replenish your skin cells with the help of a facial.

When it comes to improving topical skin conditions, Solana’s specialized facial is a comprehensive but straightforward and economical solution. The perfect solution for a terrible skin day and if you would like to give your best for a momentous occasion. There are no needles, there is no recovery time, and the most important is that there are observable results.

Solana’s Specialized Facial Procedure

Double Cleanse

Whatever your skin type, double facial cleansings are a terrific method to revitalize tired-looking skin. This facial washing removes impurities and oils from the face to avoid breakouts and enable skincare products to penetrate your skin more effectively. 

Oily or dry skin types will benefit from this facial because it may eliminate oils and microorganisms without making your skin feel dried out or stripped of its natural moisture. Double facial cleansings comprise an oil-based cleanser and a water-based cleanser that are used together to wash your face thoroughly. 

Different cleansers try to target your complexion’s distinct, individual needs to obtain the results you seek. Because the two-part cleaner has the potential to thoroughly cleanse blackheads without using toxic chemicals or excessive physical skincare products that can cause skin irritation, individuals with dry skin will gain much from the product.


Many individuals are unfamiliar with the concept of face exfoliation, even though most people recognize the significance of keeping their skin clean. Even though cleaning your complexion daily may remove dirt and oil from your skin, it does not necessarily serve as a facial rejuvenator or clear pores in the same way that exfoliation does.

Exfoliating your skin regularly is essential to any skincare program. Exfoliation removes the dead layers of skin cells and oil that clog sebaceous pores, which is the primary cause of acne, blackheads, other pimple flare-ups, and the dry listless appearance of the skin after a long day.

The need for exfoliation is especially crucial if you reside in an environment (especially a central urban location) where you are exposed to a lot of dust and other air toxins or if you have skin that is prone to problems.

It is impossible to list all of the benefits of exfoliation, including everything from enhancing complexion and improving blood flow to avoiding breakouts, minimizing wrinkles and fine lines, and encouraging cellular renewal. Furthermore, with thorough exfoliation, you are more likely to notice an immediate improvement in your skin.


Extractions are performed by hand or technological ways to unclog or compress pores in the body. Extractions are frequently served as a component of a facial treatment. Most people need about a couple of extraction processes during every facial, while you may need more extraction processes if it is your first time receiving a facial.

The most prevalent reason for extraction is the presence of comedones (blackheads). Many people believe that a blackhead is caused by “dirt in the pores,” but this is not always true. A pore became clogged due to excessive sebum production and dry skin cell accumulation. The dark patch that is apparent on the skin’s surface is oil that has oxidized and blackened due to exposure to the air, similar to what happens when you cut an apple and leave it out for some time.

Many acne clients are tempted to pop their pimples. It is critical to keep your hands away from the face and allow an expert esthetician to perform these extractions if you want to get healthy, radiant skin. When you perform home extractions, you risk damaging your pores and spreading germs, making the skin worse rather than better—you could tear the pore barrier inside the skin, forcing the infection into the surrounding skin and further increasing the breakout. An esthetician will know how to clear them without spreading infection or discomfort if you have blocked pores.


Facial massages have many other benefits than just a method to unwind after a long, stressful day. It can also have a variety of beneficial effects on the health of your skin.

Massages enable your muscles to relax and enhance the flexibility of your skin, which is beneficial for both your appearance and your health. This can temporarily tighten your skin, giving you a younger appearance for a short period.

Aside from improving circulation, face massages can also help to boost the formation of collagen. Increased collagen production results in the production of essential proteins for your skin, which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Your facial massage is performed before applying your facial mask to increase intake by your pores, enabling the mask to focus and remove deeply engrained blemishes more effectively.


As with serums and moisturizers, masks are vehicles for skincare. It provides the skin with supersaturated active ingredients, minerals, and vitamins, allowing it to improve its general health. What’s the difference? Face masks are occlusive, which means they establish a physical barrier around therapeutic components, allowing them to be absorbed more effectively by the skin more quickly.

Face masks are intended to be worn on an as-needed basis to boost your skin’s appearance quickly. It all depends on what your skin requires; nonetheless, some masks can provide one (or a mix of) the following benefits:

  • Dry skin gets hydrated and moisturized
  • Large pores are refined
  • Improves the texture of the skin
  • Removes clogs from blocked pores
  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the skin
  • Increases the suppleness of the skin
  • Increases the appearance of breakouts
  • It lightens the appearance of black stains.

Book an appointment today if you want to try Solana’s specialized facial. There’s no need for further delay when your skin needs to have the best treatment it deserves.

Plasmolifting of the scalp - in the case of the initial stages of baldness and to improve the condition of the hair. Bio revitalization of hair skin

How Long Hair Restoration With PRP Last?

Going bald may be quite detrimental, especially in terms of one’s self-confidence and ability to connect with people in social situations. According to one study, women who have hair loss are more likely than the general population to develop depressive symptoms. According to a source, guys who suffer from hair loss may be burdened by an “enormous emotional weight” at the same time.

As per the researchers, a novel natural method for hair restoration may give more patients hope for regrowing hair without any need for surgery, drugs, or topical ointments. Using platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP for hair, to cure hair loss and enhance the formation of new hair in the treatment area, your blood platelets – a type of cell that assists in the treatment of wounds throughout the body – can be used to reverse hair fall and enhance the growing hair in the injection site.

The use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for hair regeneration is still in its early stages, but it may be an option for you if you really want to feel and look like your former self once again.

What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for hair restoration?

It is vital to be aware of the significance of platelets in the process of healing in order to appreciate how platelet-rich plasma (PRP) operates.

The elements of the body’s supply of blood include red and white blood cells and platelets. Whenever a person sustains a cut or an injury, the platelets are one of the “first responders” who arrive on the scene to stop the bleeding and assist in healing.

Scientists thought that if they could isolate concentrated platelets from the blood and inject them into wounded areas of the body, they might be able to accelerate the healing process.

Centrifuging blood samples are obtained by a medical professional and put in a centrifuge machine which produces platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This machine spins at a rapid velocity, which aids in the separation of the various components of the bloodstream. Following that, the platelets are extracted by a medical professional in readiness for injection.

When combined with other growth hormones and proteins, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can help in the healing of injured tissue. Because some types of hair loss are caused by damage to hair follicles, researchers hypothesized that platelet-rich plasma (PRP) might assist in hair restoration by correcting the process that occurs in androgenetic alopecia. The results of the study confirmed this hypothesis.

Ever since platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has increased in favor of accelerating hair growth in both men and women, patients with muscle and ligament injuries, such as those acquired by athletes while engaging in sporting activities, have benefited from the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Is it a process that is successful?

The results of a systematic review published in Dermatologic Surgery in 2019 looked at the outcomes of 19 studies that looked at the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) as a treatment for hair loss. 

There were a total of 460 participants in this study overall. According to the study’s authors, individuals experiencing androgenetic alopecia areata were shown to benefit from platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies, who discovered that the vast majority of studies revealed that PRP benefits treatments resulted in hair regeneration in these patients.

Based on their findings, the authors did an additional examination of clinical data published in the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology, coming to the conclusion that platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an “excellent” treatment for male pattern baldness.

Furthermore, the team pointed out that the results might range greatly from one another because various researchers and clinics employ different preparations, program intervals, and injection protocols when delivering PRP.

Since there is no standard protocol for injections at this time, the authors point out that it is impossible to conclude that the treatment is effective in all instances at this point in time.

Procedure Using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair Growth

A typical approach for PRP injection for hair loss includes the phases mentioned below:

  • The blood is extracted from an arm vein by a medical professional who has received specialized training.
  • They spin the blood sample in a centrifuge in order to separate the elements of the blood.
  • A medical professional uses a syringe to collect platelets from a patient’s blood after it has been drawn.
  • A physician administers the platelets by injecting them into particular areas on the scalp.
  • It is possible that several sessions will be necessary to finish the operation in about one hour. Individuals who have had PRP therapy are frequently able to return to their daily activities with no restriction following the procedure.

In the case of the Hair Growth process, how long does PRP treatment take?

There are no illnesses that can be treated with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and there is no therapy for hair loss with PRP. Therefore, to maintain hair growth results, a person will need to undergo repeated PRP treatments over a long time.

In some cases, the doctor may recommend that a patient undergo PRP on a greater or less frequent basis, depending on their health and the results of their first therapy. Once hair loss has already been brought under control, the doctor may prescribe that the patient continue to have PRP for hair growth shots every 3–6 months to preserve the desired results.

The Hair Mass Index (HMI) can be used to identify the efficacy of PRP treatment for hair loss.

When you ask your doctor how long PRP treatment for hair loss lasts, they are likely to mention the HMI as a possible solution. Doctors presently utilize the Hair Mass Index, often known as the HMI, to determine the success of treatment. The HMI is a unit of measurement that is obtained via the use of the HairCheck instrument.

 This gadget evaluates a cross-section of the scalp that is 2 cm x 2 cm in size and provides you with the number of hairs present in the region and the density of each individual strand. The hair growth index (HMI) is one of the most precise and sensitive methods of assessing hair growth.

Along with the HMI, doctors employ the Trichoscan digital picture analysis and hair pulling tests to see how well the client is reacting to the treatment. To evaluate the effectiveness of the PRP therapy, they may also photograph the scalp at various stages from different angles following the initial procedure. Of course, patient happiness is a key factor to bear in mind while evaluating a procedure.

You may get in touch with Solana Aesthetics and Wellness if you’re seeking the top hair restoration clinic. The team and physicians have years of combined expertise and a strong dedication to offering the best PRP therapy available.

What can I do to Regain Normal Hormonal Balance?

In addition to being chemical messengers, hormones have significant effects on your psychological, physical, and emotional well-being. In particular, they have a considerable impact on regulating your appetite, metabolism, and mood. Usually, your body creates the exact quantity of each hormone required for the many processes that keep you healthy to function correctly. Unhealthy lifestyles and Western eating practices, on the other hand, may have an impact on your hormonal balance. On top of all that, the levels of specific hormones diminish as we become older, with some people experiencing a more dramatic decline than others. A good diet and other positive lifestyle practices, on the other hand, may aid in the improvement of your hormonal balance and the ability to feel and perform at your peak. Here are some natural methods for achieving hormonal balance.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep

Sleep is one of the most significant aspects of maintaining hormonal balance. Some hormonal changes may rise and fall during the day in response to factors such as the quality of one’s sleep.

According to a reputable source, the adverse effects of sleep disruption on hormones may contribute to:

  • obesity
  • Issues with hunger in people with diabetes

Having a whole night’s sleep without interruptions regularly may assist the body in regulating hormone levels.

Eating a lot of fatty fish is recommended.

According to some research, the high quantities of fat found in some fish can help improve heart and digestive health and the health of the brain and central nervous system.

According to a 2018 study, consuming a diet high in fatty fish may help to prevent mood disorders such as sadness and anxiety from developing. In some situations, including oily fish in one’s diet may help alleviate the illnesses’ symptoms.

The omega-3 fatty acids present in fatty fish may have an important role in mood regulation, but additional research is needed to fully understand the connection.

Overeating should be avoided for hormonal balance

Overeating regularly may result in metabolic problems in the long run, but a 2013 study discovered that even short-term overeating alters circulating fat function and increase oxidative stress.

Also noted were increases in ceramides, which are fat cells found in the skin, with a significant rise associated with increased insulin resistance, the researchers said in their paper. They called for more research to be conducted in this area.

Have a cup of green tea for maintaining hormonal balance

Generally speaking, green tea is a nutritious beverage that contains antioxidants and chemicals that are beneficial to metabolic health.

According to a review published in 2013, there is a link between tea and lower fasting insulin levels.

The antioxidants in tea may also be beneficial in managing oxidative stress.

Take a high-quality probiotic supplement. 

To be more specific, taking a probiotic can assist in maintaining the balance of your gut microbiome and the proportion of “good” bacteria to “bad” bacteria in your system. The larger the amount of “good” bacteria in your digestive tract, the easier it is for your digestion. Several studies have demonstrated that probiotic supplementation may be effective in reversing estrogen-related imbalances by re-establishing the astrobleme, a collection of bacteria that is essential for metabolizing estrogen.

Vitamin D should be taken in addition.

Over a billion individuals worldwide suffer from either an inadequate or insufficient amount of Vitamin D, making it a more frequent problem than you may expect. Vitamin D is key when it comes to various body activities such as immunological function and inflammatory response. 

Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with an increased risk of prostate, breast cancers, tuberculosis, flu, and heart disease. It has also been discovered that there is a link between hypothyroidism and a Vit D deficit.

In an ideal world, we would acquire our daily dose of Vitamin D from 10 to 30 minutes of continuous sun exposure, but this is not possible for most people. The importance of taking a Vitamin D3 supplement and eating foods high in Vitamin D, such as wild salmon, cannot be overstated. 

It’s also important to remember that our ability to produce Vitamin D diminishes as we get older. Hence, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your levels and regularly evaluate them by your primary care provider.

Be cautious when consuming dairy products.

For many people, dairy products are a significant source of nutrition. Females concerned about the levels of reproductive hormones in their bodies may want to exercise caution, particularly before having cream or yogurt.

According to a study published in 2017, dairy consumption can lower certain protective hormones.

Furthermore, the research asserts that eating dairy products such as milk and yogurt is associated with missed ovulation. The experts believe there is a correlation, but they call for more study.

Keeping sweets to a minimum

In 2015, researchers published findings that support the notion that sugar is involved in concerns such as metabolic illness and insulin resistance.

This shows that reducing sugar from one’s diet may assist in maintaining healthy levels of hormones, particularly insulin, in the body.

Some persons avoid specific sugars. However, research conducted in 2015 discovered that the use of table sugar, corn syrup, and honey all produced identical reactions. As a result, eliminating all added sugars instead of specific types may benefit a person’s hormonal balance.

Managing stress is essential.

According to a study published in 2017, there is a relationship between stress, the endocrine, and hormone production. Several studies have demonstrated that stress can cause endocrine responses, even at modest levels of stress.

Stress causes an increase in the hormones adrenaline and cortisol to be released. High levels of these hormones may upset the overall balance and contribute to obesity, mood changes, and possibly cardiovascular disease.

As a result, it is critical to identify and implement stress-reduction strategies. According to a 2015 study, the simple act of playing music can help people calm down by reducing stress levels. This is true if the person is trying to relax.

If you need the help of a professional for your hormonal balance and you think the natural ways aren’t helping at all, feel free to contact Solana Aesthetics and Wellness and try Hormone Replacement Therapy. 

Soins du visage esthétique

Dermaplaning Takes Hold Of The Beauty Market

In this world where everyone is obsessed with aging reversed, skincare has been the uppermost interest almost everyone is raving about, from making the skin’s surface smooth to a youthful and radiant complexion. Nonetheless, the help of cosmetic treatments such as dermaplaning construes the possibility of having glowing skin by removing deep scarring from acne and uneven pockmarks, not to mention soft hairs on your face, which will then increase collagen production that fights off sagging and wrinkles.

As the skin is exposed daily to harsh environmental toxins and UV rays, dermaplaning aims to remove three weeks of dead skin build-up and is similar to shaving, except that it removes hair and dead or uneven skin. Imagine the amount of dirt to remove from up to three weeks of being exposed outside while using some skincare products that may not be good for the skin so that exfoliation can help with clogged pores. Without a doubt, this treatment is effective for people looking to make their skin appear brighter, glowing, and youthful as it reduces the visible signs of aging, alleviates acne problems, and even corrects dull complexions. Who would not want clearer skin after all?

How Does Dermaplaning Work?

During the procedure, the aesthetician uses a sterile, 10-gauge surgical scalpel to razor the skin’s surface gently and lightly glide a dermaplaning blade in an upward motion at a 45-degree angle to exfoliate the skin. Accompanied by the application of numbing spray or local anesthesia combined with an oral sedative or rarely general anesthesia, the patient should not feel any pain but only a tingling sensation during the treatment. It is necessary to raise any concerns and discomforts while in the process so the aesthetician can adjust accordingly. The aesthetician will also apply aloe and sunscreen to protect the face. Overall, the treatment only takes about 10-20 minutes with no downtime, after which patients can resume their daily routines. On rare occasions, only a few patients have reported redness after two days, but the pain is considered very mild. 

Dermaplaning Benefits To The Skin

With this in mind, the benefits of dermaplaning are recognized and revealed by having smoother and glowing skin without using any chemicals or abrasive products that consist of harmful substances and which cases may cause skin diseases. At the same time, exfoliating and getting rid of dead skin, the pores open, allowing products to deeply penetrate the skin, which effectivity is at the optimal result.  Beauty products perform and increase penetration, and makeup will sit evenly on the skin. This treatment is also safe for pregnant women and others who avoid using traditional exfoliating or peeling products. Although this exfoliating treatment is excellent for most people, it is not advisable for anyone experiencing pustular acne, eczema, rosacea, or cold sores since this may irritate and worsen. Moreover, it’s best to consult a licensed aesthetician is to receive the proper treatment that will be beneficial to the skin before undergoing any skin procedure.

Difference Between Dermaplaning and Microdermabrasion

Dermaplaning has been confused with microdermabrasion, with both having similar outcomes. The latter sprays fine crystals and uses an abrasive surface to exfoliate and sand down the skin, while the former is a much gentler process than chemical peels. While the effects generally last longer, microdermabrasion will require more treatments to see optimum results. That only means more time off from work and more cost to see positive outcomes. Both treatments also need the skin’s extra TLC to give the skincare regime an overhaul. The use of combined serums and high-quality SPF is a must.

While this beauty treatment is now trending and popular among women, dermaplaning is highly effective if skin professionals administer it. Note that this exfoliation procedure uses physical interventions to create results.  Less contamination and spread bacteria that may worsen irritation, such as using a razor, so it is advisable to receive the best treatment from experts rather than attempting to do a home dermaplaning kit as the risk of complications may occur and possibly cutting yourself, which gives poor results afterward. Some videos show online how patients use makeup immediately after the dermaplaning treatment. Experts advise letting the skin breathe for the rest of the day to avoid irritating the skin as your skin barrier is more open. Moisturizing crema and products rich in hyaluronic acid helps repair skin and look hydrated.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to what people know about cutting and shaving hair straight across, dermaplaning does not make the hair grow back thicker. As it continues to grow at the same speed, getting the treatment every 4-6 weeks for better results is recommended. Some people are even adding other aesthetic procedures to allow skincare products to penetrate the skin better. The right products will come as highly suggested by experts for skin absorption. As dermaplaning popularizes over the internet, more people report smoother skin and a brighter complexion with images of picture-perfect skin. Other testimonies also reveal how this procedure helped various skin problems. Indeed, they made the right choice of taking care of their skin.

If you are someone who wishes for smoother and brighter-looking skin through dermaplaning, set your goal now and seek advice from a licensed aesthetician to receive the best possible treatment to achieve that young-looking skin. Who wouldn’t want to wake up with smoother skin on which makeup can glide? Or clearer skin even without makeup? Solana Aesthetics & Wellness offers dermaplaning that helps you reach the goal of looking fresh as you reverse your age. Look no further; this place is what your mind and soul have been looking for. They offer assortments of skin rejuvenation treatments crafted and designed uniquely for every client, so only expect the best results of what they can offer. At Solana, the use of top-level skincare brands from Revision Skincare. SkinBetter Science and Alastin Skincare will help you maintain beautiful, healthy skin with the fusion of proper application and exemplary compounds. What are you waiting for? Begin your journey to a sparkling and glowing you from the inside out!

Eyelash extension procedure. Master tweezers fake long lashes beautiful female eyes

A complete Guide to Eyelash Extensions

Fuller, longer and darker eyelashes make your face even more attractive and eye-catching. However, not all are naturally born with feathery eyelashes. That’s why some use mascara, falsies, or even go to a salon to apply eyelash extensions to achieve a natural and stunning look!

So if you’re planning to have lash extensions and don’t know what to do, let me help you! This is a complete guide for your eyelash extension journey! Keep reading to learn more!

What is eyelash extension?

Eyelash extension is a non-invasive and semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that uses soft fibres of artificial strands attached to your natural lashes to heighten the lashes’ wave and thickness. 

This cosmetic procedure seeks to make your eyelashes more appealing and enticing by making them bigger, longer, and darker while maintaining a natural appearance. Most women choose lash extension rather than having falsies because extension lasts longer, which may take up to months, while falsies are only good for one day. Moreover, compared to mascara, lash extensions give you a more natural look and saves your time. While with mascara, you need to apply it to your every makeup routine and wash it afterwards, which is sometimes hard, especially if the mascara you used is waterproof- you need an oil-based cleanser to handle it.

Eyelash extensions are very customizable depending on your desired result. There are two common types of eyelash extensions used.

  • Faux mink eyelashes. A type of artificial lash that is intended to imitate the quality and fineness of natural lashes. Although faux mink lashes are usually made from plastic fibres, recent technology has upgraded its texture, making it more natural-looking. 
  • Silk eyelashes. Silk eyelashes are an artificial-based silk fibre, not natural silk because genuine silk won’t hold its shape and curl. They are more pleasing in coarse and more flexible because they are laxer and more absorbent. They tend to stay on a little longer than synthetics.

What are the Pros of having an eyelash extension?

Just like any beauty regimen or treatment, there are advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of having eyelash extension:

  • Eyelash extension is time-saving. 

Having a lash extension saves your time in the sense that you don’t need to apply falsies or mascara in your makeup routine. Moreover, eyelash extensions resolve our makeup problems, such as messy lashes, to remove mascara and damage your lashes. 

  • The eyelash extension procedure is quick and painless. 

You can get the long, volume lashes look in as little as 1-2 hours of waiting. The application of eyelashes is effortless, and your doctor will let you lie down and relax. Your well-trained physician now will work wonders on you by carefully putting strands on your lashes. 

Moreover, the eyelash extension procedure is pain-free. You don’t need to have anaesthetic cream in the journey because it only works by glueing the pieces of strands of synthetic fibres on your lashes. It is a hundred per cent no pain!

  • Eyelash extension is customizable.

Before your doctor applies for the extension, you’re going to have at least 5 to 10 minutes of consultation. This is for them to know what kind of look you want to achieve. In your eyelash extension, you are the boss! But also, your lash artist may give you suggestions on the length, thickness, and curl that is more ideal for your face. More natural-look, much better!

  • Eyelash extension lasts longer than falsies or mascaras.

One of the great benefits of lash extension is having a longer-lasting effect. For about a month, you can enjoy natural curly and thicker lashes. However, with careful care and maintenance, you can extend its useful life. Your physician will advise you to return for retouched and refilling every three to four weeks to maintain its appearance. 

  • Eyelash extension adds up to your appearance, making you feel more attractive.

Having eyelash extension enhances your eyes which adds to your beauty. It’s no secret that having volumized and curling lashes, which make you more desirable to others, is one of society’s beauty standards. Furthermore, lash extensions provide an immediate lift, giving you a more young and natural appearance.

  • Eyelash extension is considered waterproof. 

Although your aesthetician will encourage you to let your eyelash extensions dry for the first 48 hours, you can wash after that and enjoy the “awake” feeling. up” like this look every day!

What are the Cons of having an eyelash extension?

  • Eyelash extension is expensive and requires high maintenance.

One of the disadvantages of eyelash extensions is having high maintenance. It would be best if you were extra careful about washing your face and putting on makeup. 

Moreover, eyelash extension became expensive in the sense that If you want to prolong your lash extension, you need to at least retouch and refill your extension 3 to 4 weeks after

  • Eyelash extension may irritate if not adequately performed by a certified physician. 

Applying for eyelash extensions with unregistered doctors may cause complications to your eyes. One of the causes of this irritation is that glue or adhesive usually contains formaldehyde and other irritating chemicals that may trigger skin allergy. That’s why it’s imperative that you go to a certified cosmetologist to avoid future side effects. 

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, incorrect eyelash extension can result in oedema, infection of the eyelid, or permanent loss of eyelashes.


Eyelash extension is one of the best procedures to achieve the celebrity lashes look! However, you have to keep in mind the pros and cons that you will undertake in the process. 

When you desire to better yourself, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s every right of everyone! Always remember to be aware and knowledgeable about the procedures you want to undertake. It’s best to speak with aestheticians that are licenced and experienced.

Here at Solana Aesthetic and Wellness, we are committed to giving our clients the best and utmost service. Book an appointment today!


Portrait Of Middle-Aged Man Receiving Wrinkle-Removing Injection, White Background

Sculptra Aesthetics: The Next Generation of Dermal Fillers

Sculptra Aesthetics has just been considered as one of the best means for you to get the best version of yourself, even at ages 50 and above! Our bodies develop through change as we get older, and those changes would include new creases on our faces or cheekbones, which are not as high as they used to be. If you’re awkward with these indications of ageing, dermal fillers may be able to assist.

But what are these Dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are gel-like material injected deep within the skin to replace lost volume, soften wrinkles and folds, and improve facial contours. This popular facial rejuvenation therapy, which can be a cost-effective solution to look younger without surgery or downtime, has been chosen by over 1 million men and women each year.

What are different kinds of dermal fillers?

Cosmetic surgeons can utilize several FDA-approved filler materials. Fillers are classified by the substance from which they are formed. A word of caution: make sure you’re getting FDA-approved, brand-name fillers from a medical professional, such as a board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

These are:

  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – Your body produces it organically, and it was already in your skin and cartilages. Although, since we all age, this is necessary to keep us in our prime. Hyaluronic acid fillings usually last between 6 and 12 months.
  • Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) – This is a mineral that may be found in the human body’s bones. Same as hyaluronic acid, this should be updated and “re-installed” if we want to maintain our strong physique. This can last up to 18 months as a filler.
  • Poly-L-lactic Acid – This is a synthetic biodegradable substance that is appropriated to manufacture dissolvable sutures and other medical items. If you have maintenance medicine, this is perfect for you. These fillings have a two-year shelf length. 
  • Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) – Only one filler that your body can’t consume is polymethylmethacrylate beads, which means lifelong effects. They’re solely utilized on the inside of the mouth.

Sculptra® Aesthetic replaces the lost collagen we once had as we age. To prevent sagging and generally looking old, the Sculptra aesthetic is such a fountain of youth to those who use it.

The top 80% of users and patients who underwent Sculptra Aesthetics treatment procedure are all very satisfied with their results even after 2 years and 1 month! Compared to a 1-week procedure done with other methods, surely Sculptra Aesthetic rises its flag above many others for the quality care and expertise manifested with its long-lasting performance.

Just like what Sculptra Aesthetic promises, it does not merely address and resolve the symptoms that show about facial skin ageing and leave it at that. Sculptra Aesthetic’s known work is to provide just the very best solution in addressing and answering the deeper, underlying causes of ageing. It dugs down deep and discovers unresolved issues concerning what it is that makes a person look and feel old.

Sculptra Aesthetics is injecting the fillers not just at the surface but at the dermis. Now, that’s some kind of serious business. 

So, what does this mean for the keen customer interested in noninvasive anti-ageing treatments? It’s critical to find the correct doctor for your dermal filler operation. Don’t be reluctant to inquire about the dermatologist’s or cosmetic surgeon’s training and certification to verify you’re getting medication from a board-certified, competent dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon.

How can I know if I’m getting my derma fillers correctly?

One approach to verify that your practitioner is competent is to see a board-certified dermatological physician or a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. This additional certification phase verifies that the doctor has completed further training in their field of expertise. (Go to the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Academy of Dermatology webpages to identify a board-certified expert.)

Given that it is indeed a cosmetic operation, you should expect to be pleased with the outcome. Asking colleagues who’ve had this performed for referrals is one method to discover a doctor-quality work you enjoy.

There is a top-of-the-line aesthetic provider that not only produces wonderful invasive and non-invasive solutions to your needs. Aside from Sculptra® Aesthetic, Solana Aesthetic and Wellness gives clients a beautiful outlook on life as they encourage and change them. 

Being comfortable with their own skin is not the only goal of Solana. They aim for every woman or man that comes to their clinic a peaceful, loving, and very soulful rest as they visit for skin and body treatment. For 30 years, they have provided clients with a variety of extra careful procedures that not only healed their body but rested their minds from the tough world and daily life they are in a battle with.

To further review Solana Aesthetic and Wellness, read more about their services. For direct consultations and on-site visitations, book an appointment with Solana immediately. 

Woman getting face peeling procedure in beauty centre. Facial gas liquid peeling

Why Is Oxygeneo Super Facial More Effective Standard Facial?

The Oxygeneo facial is a 3 -in-1 treatment that consists of exfoliates, oxygenates, and infuses skin with different essential nutrients and vitamins. It’s a proven and completely non-invasive treatment that will not need the usage of any kind of scary procedures such as lasers, injections, or any other surgical procedures. It’s a robust yet safe facial that cleanses the clogged pores, refreshes dry skin, and enhances the overall skin texture. If you are looking to know all the benefits, keep reading below.

How is the Oxygeneo facial treatment done?

The treatment starts with the exfoliating of the upper layer of the dermis and cleansing of the dead skin cells. The next step would be the generation of Co2 bubbles that lead to a physical response from the body, stimulating huge quantities of oxygen that is delivered to the skin. This process enhances the flow of blood to the regions causing a renewal of the skin. In addition to this, it will fill the facial skin cells with nutrients and vitamins, ending with healthy and glowing skin. Contrasting to this laser treatment, it has no or very minimal downtime and also immediately transforms the skin to feel the smooth, glowing, and improved texture. But the actual duration of the results is reliant on the expertise of the skincare expert and following the skincare routine. An OxyGeneo facial feels like a soothing massage that is usually finished in half an hour.

What are the three aspects of an Oxygeneo treatment?

  • Exfoliation that eliminates the dead skin cells of the upper layer of dead skin cells that is comparable to mild microdermabrasion.
  • The skin rejuvenation procedure infuses the skin with active elements such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants similar to first-gen oxygen facials.
  • Oxygenation generates carbon dioxide bubbles that gradually erupt on the surface of the dermis. Later it stimulates the oxygen-rich blood flow to the target area with enhanced absorption of the actives.

The first one among the actives is NeoRevive which is for comprehensive rejuvenation and anti-ageing, and the second one being NeoBright that brightens and enhances the texture. Both of the treatment gels will network with the endpoint of the device, which generates carbon dioxide bubbles and leads to the surfacing of the oxygen-rich blood. The magical device or wand performs the job of pulling oxygen to the surface from within instead of pushing it from an external source which creates the magic.


After an OxyGeneo facial, patient can go ahead with its routine with skincare, using gentle moisturizer or cream, as per expert suggestions. Unlike other traditional skincare treatments that stop you from being able to eat, drink or perform a strenuous workout after the procedure, this will not demand any extra steps after the treatment. Experts will advise you to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen before exposing yourself to direct sunlight, as the exfoliation can cause the skin to remain delicate for few days.

Why is the Oxygeneo super facial more effective than a standard facial?
  • The advanced OxyGeneo Technology offers proven and natural outcomes with anti-ageing benefits with its ability to reach the skin deeply. This is one of the key benefits of OxyGeneo over other treatments like HydraFacial. It aids the skin to develop its oxygen by sending CO2 that creates the difference in decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, breaking up acne, and flooding the skin with benefits. This also generates networks in the dermis which is the main factor that helps with deep penetration. It is completely different from employing an external machine to try to force oxygen into the skin causing the damage.
  • This treatment involves the usage of a wand that aids to eliminate the unevenness and dullness effectively leaving the skin smooth and natural. As the final phase of the Oxygeneo employs a tailored blend of serum mixture and Ultrasound waves to nurture the skin, decreasing the problems such as sunspots, melasma, redness, acne, and many more. As the skin expert has complete authority over the mixture, there is ample chance of using customized serums to benefit the skin.
  • As you complete the Oxygeneo super facial, you will get all of the superior advantages of a regular oxygen facial along with subtle exfoliation and oxygenation. But OxyGeneo facial is also suitable for sensitive skin, unlike regular facials that are not always ideal for all skin types.
  • You may only require one OxyGeneo super facial treatment to get the enhanced glow, texture in the skin that lasts for many days. With a traditional facial, you may require many sessions to get long-term results and advantages, but you will achieve it with only one session of Oxygeneo facial. This comprises enhancements to acne, elasticity and brown spots, and whatnot.
  • This treatment is a non-vacuum device and that stimulates the internal generation of oxygenation, via CO2, instead of the normal pressurized stream of oxygen that’s employed in other facials. But it is regarded as a unique facial as it will not only peak on the day of the treatment you may continue to see gradual improvements over coming weeks. You’d still need series of treatments as per the expert advice, including improvements to acne, elasticity, brown spots, and whatnot.
Final thoughts:

OxyGeneo is a state-of-the-art technology for exfoliation of the skin by enhancing the skin oxygen levels and infusion of vital nutrients to supplement the skin. This combination of skin exfoliation with skin oxygenation increases the absorption capacity of the key elements in our nutrient-rich products into the skin. After an OxyGeneo session, the skin will feel smooth, rejuvenated, and look glowing with an even texture added with improvement in overall skin tone and reduction of fine lines or wrinkles. But all this will be possible only if you associate with a reliable aesthetic centre like Solana Aesthetics and Wellness. With 30+ years of expertise, our professionals are committed to giving each client the unique care they need to glow from the inside out.



Close-up of beautiful woman getting injection in the cosmetology salon

How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last?

As the body naturally varies with age, there will be noticeable differences in the skin in the form of new wrinkles, especially on the faces. However, these variations are normal and happen when there is gradual loss of subcutaneous fat that supports the skin. As beauty lovers look for reducing these skin issues to develop smooth, younger-looking skin, they will get only minimal support from over-the-counter skincare products. In such situations, dermal fillers are proving to be effective in giving a younger-looking appearance. If you are one among them, you may be eager to understand more about how long do they last, what are the types, and any possible risks.

About Dermal Fillers:

Dermal fillers are gel-like compounds that are prepared by employing hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite. Hyaluronic acid is present naturally in the body and forms a key element of the support structure of the skin. Hyaluronic acid helps retains hydration in the skin by attracting water molecules. It performs as a natural shock absorber and encourages the development of collagen which is an essential factor in the skin’s structure. The issues start when the body ages depicted in the skin and lose hyaluronic acid making it loose, thin, and dry. There will be the appearance of folds and wrinkles everywhere near the nose and mouth with loss of volume beneath the eyes, saggy cheeks, and many more. The injectable dermal fillers are a great option for developing smooth skin, youthful appearance, and fading off the unwanted facial folds and wrinkles with filling up of areas of volume loss. Dermal Fillers can be employed to treat the areas like Cheeks, Lips, Under Eyes, vertical lip lines, Nasolabial Folds (Smile Lines), Jawline, Chin, temples, and even hands. Widespread dermal Fillers available are:
• Juvéderm Ultra/Ultra Plus
• Voluma/Vollure/Volbella
• Restylane/Refyne/Defyne/Lyft
• Radiesse/Belotero

How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last?

The durability of the dermal filler is reliant on several factors like the specific product used, location on the face, and the overall health of the patient. Filler around the mouth region usually metabolizes swiftly as it is the highly moved region on the face. Dermal fillers typically last anywhere between 6 to 18 months. Along with the type of filler used, some other aspects that impact the duration of dermal filler effects are:
• Location of filler usage
• Amount of filler injected
• The pace of filler metabolization by the body
During the first few months after being injected, fillers will begin to slowly degrade. But the visible results remain the same because fillers can absorb water. However, around the midpoint of the expected duration of the filler, you’ll start to notice decreased volume. So, doing a touch-up filler treatment at this point can be extremely beneficial since it can sustain your results much longer.
If you’re not satisfied with the appearance after the filler effect, don’t worry as you can have it altered in the majority of situations. A skin specialist may inject extra filler or it can be dissolved, reliant on the type. A uniqueness of hyaluronic acid fillers is that an enzyme can be administered into the region to dissolve them if needed. This makes it an ideal solution if you want to have the effects for a limited period, as the effects will be eliminated without any long-term issues.

What Are The Probable Side Effects Of Dermal Fillers?

Even though it is generally considered safe, there are some things to be careful of. Some common side effects include redness, bruising, pain, or swelling, that will fade off in a couple of weeks. On very rare occasions, there may be the development of raised bumps under their skin that must be resolved with medications, or even surgeries. Although this is rare, the filler can unintentionally be directed into a blood vessel and cause blurred vision or even permanent blindness. Never hesitate to call your doctor if there is skin discoloration or development of any other discomfort. Therefore, this is the main reason to see an experienced skin specialist who is an expert in performing the treatment.


Even though it is considered generally safe, you should take proper precautions while considering any medical procedure. Taking this treatment from a board-certified skin specialist or a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to guarantee a safe procedure. Even though dermal fillers are carried by several inexperienced medical spas, you must be careful to associate with only licensed and trained skin experts for any kind of injectable procedure. There are several risks for adversities like infection, discoloration, and lumps if injections are not performed properly. As this is a cosmetic treatment, it is important to get a pleasing appearance after completion. You can opt for the procedure by taking a recommendation from friends who have had this done for their recommendations.

Who Must Stay Away From Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are not suggested for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies; hence you must stay away from taking this treatment if you’re expecting a baby or nursing a child. Another key aspect to remember is to refrain from getting dermal fillers right before a teeth cleaning or other dental treatment. These procedures need extreme pressure and movement of the face that can cause possibly misplace the filler substances. Your skin specialist can guide you about the safety to get any future dental procedures after the dermal filler treatment.

Final Thoughts:

Dermal fillers are the best option for fading off the appearance of wrinkles and transforming your skin to look firm, full, and younger. Even though the downtime and recovery are minimal, there are few risks associated with the process if it is done by inexperienced injectors. Hence, to reduce complications, select an experienced board-certified skin specialist who can perform the procedure effectively with the right type of filler for your skin. Solana Aesthetics and Wellness is a reliable, skill full skin expert center that will treat your mind and body with precisely designed skincare treatments, IV therapy, and craftily administered injectables.

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